Pain Management

Pain Management at Calabasas Veterinary Center

Numerous studies have shown that pain lengthens the recovery time from diseases and is a serious stressor to the immune system and central nervous system.  At Calabasas Veterinary Center, we take pain management very seriously. No pet should be living a life of suffering.  Fortunately, there are a variety of pain management techniques and medications that work very well for our patients.

Pain management is indicated in the management and treatment of:

  • Arthritis and degenerate joint diseases
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Post surgery
  • Some skin and ear infections
  • Nail bed infections
  • Abscesses and Cancers
  • Fractures, dislocations, strains, sprains, ligament, tendon injuries
  • Dental diseases
  • Eye diseases
  • Some pulmonary disorders

The approach to pain management is to interrupt the transmission and sensation of pain at multiple levels. Rather than relying on one single medication, multiple medications that work in different ways can be used along with homeopathic/holistic approaches.

The holistic techniques we employ include:

  • Herbal and homeopathic remedies
  • Cold Laser
  • Acupuncture and electroacupuncture

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of cold laser therapy: